Dubravko Lapaine created my eight singing tree upon my specific request. Nova Dimenzija became part of my didgeridoo collection on July 4th 2009.


Nova Dimenzija was made out of a locust-tree (Robinia pseudo-acacia) branch, cut lenghtwise.


Unlike most instruments made employing the 'lenghtwise cut technique', the outer surface of this didgeridoo was finished up so well that spotting the cut is almost impossible. Moreover, if you run your hand across the cut, you don't perceive any difference. The whole surface of the instrument is smooth and soft.


I named this didgeridoo Nova Dimenzija (Croatian for 'New Dimension') when, having played it for a couple of months, I realized that it was changing my playing, taking me in a… new dimension.


Up today, I still haven't found a single fault in Nova Dimenzija. Despite being in the key of B, its drone is powerful, clear and bright.


Its low-keyed fundamental notwithstanding, overtones are easy to play, as well as the 1st and the 2nd horn tones and related techniques. Finally, it's amazing how this instruments emphasizes the voice and all its nuances.


I consider Nova Dimenzija an excellent instrument, good for any occasion and perfectly able to satisfy any didgeplayer's need, be it playing powerful tunes with syncopated rhythms, using the voice or playing slow, meditative tunes.


Nova Dimenzija’s fundamental is a B. Its first toot is an C.


Nova Dimenzija is 202 cm (80 inches approx.) long. Its circular mouthpiece, with no beeswax, has a 3,2 cm diameter. Its irregular-shaped bell is 12 cm wide and 10 cm high (these measures indicate the distance between the mouthpiece's and the bell's inner walls).


You can find below a few pics of Nova Dimenzija. Click on each one of them and a new window, with an enlarged pic of the instrument, will open.  After the pics there's a link. Clicking on it will enable you to save on your pc a ZIP file with all the pics of Nova Dimenzija in their original format.




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