Bought in March 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland, from Christian Som, one of the foremost European connoisseurs of traditional didgeridoos and co-administrator (along with John MacDonald) of the site.


It is a traditional WAL (West Arnhem Land) instrument, made by Roy Burnyila.


Its biggest assets are its acoustics, its overtones and its evocative and deep sound. Moreover, it's quite light and easy to carry about.


It has no particular limitations; anyway, its mouthpiece, being it a mago, could have been finished up a little better. As you can see in the pictures linked below, the mouthpiece's outer edges have not been rounded off and are quite sharp. This could create problems for us Westerners, who don't have flat noses like the Aboriginals' ones.


Mago-CH's fundamental is a C-sharp. Its first toot is a G/G-sharp. Next are a few audio samples of Mago-CH.

Click here to listen Mago-CH Drone by Jack Azzarà

Click here to listen Mago-CH Rhythm by Jack Azzarà


Mago-CH is 130 cm (51 inches approx.). Its mouthpiece, with no beeswax, is circular and with a 3,1 cm diameter. The bell is slightly oval, 6,3 cm wide and 5,8 cm high.

You can find below a few pics of Mago-CH. Click on each one of them and a new window, with an enlarged pic of the instrument, will open.  After the pics there's a link. Clicking on it will enable you to save on your pc a ZIP file with all the pics of Mago-CH in their original format.




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