I bought it in Spring 2003.


Imperiale comes from Australia. It is made of eucalyptus and was hollowed out by termites and finished up with a drill.


Its name comes from its look: when I first saw it, I thought it was a 'really imperial-looking didgeridoo'.


Imperiale's biggest assets are its wonderful fundamental, its deep and powerful sound and its playability, its wide bore notwithstanding.


Imperiale's fundamental is a D/D-sharp (it could have been in no other key!). Its first toot is an E/D. Next are a few audio samples of Imperiale.

Click here to listen Imperiale Drone by Jack Azzarà

Click here to listen Imperiale Rhythm by Jack Azzarà


Imperiale is 167 cm (66 inches approx.) long. Its circular mouthpiece, with no beeswax, has a 3,0 cm diameter. Its irregular-shaped bell is 13 cm wide and 12 cm high (these measures indicate the distance between the mouthpiece's and the bell's inner walls).

You can find below a few pics of Imperiale. Click on each one of them and a new window, with an enlarged pic of the instrument, will open.  After the pics there's a link. Clicking on it will enable you to save on your pc a ZIP file with all the pics of Imperiale in their original format.



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