I bought it in Spring 2004, in the 'Fiati e Percussioni' ('Winds and Percussion') store in Milan.


Canapozzo comes from Austria and is made of hemp ('canapa' is the Italian for 'hemp'): for more info about hemp didgeridoos, please visit the site


I 'christened' it 'Canapozzo' when, while I was putting it on my didge rack besides my other instruments, I said to myself: "Well, now I also have a nice hemp didge".


Canapozzo has two major assets. The first is its loud volume, that allows me to be heard more easily when I'm playing outdoors.


The second is the material it is made of. Hemp is very light, is not affected by climate (be it cold, hot or humid), is crash-proof and allows the instrument to be washed with water and soap without running the risk to damage it.


Canapozzo's fault is its relatively poor backpressure which makes playing fast rhythms with syncopated toots a bit hard. If it only had a slightly narrower bore, it would be a perfect instrument.


Canapozzo's fundamental is an E/D. Its first toot is a G-sharp. Next are a few audio samples of Canapozzo.

Click here to listen Canapozzo Drone

Click here to listen Canapozzo Rhythm


Canapozzo is 137 cm (54 inches approx.) long. Its circular mouthpiece, with no beeswax, has a 3,4 cm diameter. The bell is circular and has an 8,7 cm diameter (these measures indicate the distance between the mouthpiece's and the bell's inner walls).

You may find below a few pix of Canapozzo. Click on each one of them and a new window, with an enlarged pic of the instrument, will open.  After the pics there's a link. Clicking on it will enable you to save on your pc a ZIP file with all the pics of Canapozzo in their original format.




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