Hello and welcome to my web site! I am Jack Azzarà and I am an Italian didgeridoo player.


I met the sound of Didgeridoo when I was 25, in the night between the 1st and the 2nd of June 2001. I was attending a party in Monteallegro (province of Varese very close to Swiss border). Monteallegro is the same small town where the previous year the first epic Italian didge-meeting took place. In the outdoor-area GOA-Trance was danced, while in the inside I heard rumors telling about a person, with an odd wooden tool, who was providing sound massages to some people lying on a carpet. Intrigued, I stepped into the hall and…I rolled my eyes, exclaiming:  WHAT IS THIS?  In that moment the party-organizer passed by, and he revealed to me the mystery: it is the musical instrument of the Australian aborigines of Arnhem Land, and we westerners call it DIDGERIDOO.


At once I remained enchanted by this not conventional musical instrument, and in May of the following year I started playing, using a hydraulic plastic pipe, bought at the exorbitant amount of 5 euro! Since that time several years passed, and what at the beginning was a leisure time amusement, soon turned into a hobby, which then became true passion. In the course of time I attended various seminars,  managed by the most significant players at world level, to improve my technical mastery of the instrument and to discover its different approach modalities.  


The big turning point in my path and style happened in September 2009, when I started to practice on middle and deep didgeridoos, whose peculiar features are the length exceeding  270 cm and the fundamental key (also called drone) deeper of one or even two octaves than the "common" didgeridoos. The main instruments of my live performances are Siluro and Treebeard.


Until today two pieces of mine have been published in two compilations: “Three Hearts One Beat” (February 2008) in “Yidaki Vol.1” self-produced by the cultural association Ydaki and “Tongue Movements” (May 2010) in “Didjeridoo Made in Italy” edited by Azzurra Music. By the way these two pieces have been recorded using "common" didgeridoos.


In April 2015 I released my first album of didgeridoo-solo titled The Woman The Maker The Master. Most likely it is the first didgeridoo album ever made by playing only middle and deep didgeridoos. In October 2021 I released a DUB Version of the same album titled The Woman The Maker The Master In DUB - Go to my Bandcamp page in order to listen both of them!